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Compelling asset allocation and successful investment management

LGT Capital Management manages a large part of the assets of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. It has vast experience in asset allocation and in developing individual client solutions, and is a specialist in selecting the most skilled investment managers.

LGT Capital Management regards itself as an active asset manager of investment funds and institutional mandates. We are firmly of the opinion that, through active asset management which anticipates future market trends, above-average returns can be achieved. Asset allocation, i.e. allocation of investments to the different asset classes, is worked out by us using a disciplined process and is regularly reviewed. For the purposes of implementation, we use our own products as well as external solutions.

Examples of asset allocation at LGT Capital Management

  • Strategy Funds: based on differing investment goals, investment horizons and risk tolerance. A key aspect is the Shortfall Approach, which combines attractive opportunities for gains with targeted capital preservation upon expiry of the investment horizon. It is implemented using direct investments.
  • Alpha Indexing Fund: a dynamic strategy product that aims to generate added value via active tactical asset allocation. It is implemented through predominantly passive instruments for core markets and actively managed funds for satellite markets.
  • Sustainable Impact Multi-Asset Class Fund: actively managed mixed portfolio, which is implemented through a structured selection of sustainable third-party funds. The fund's strategic asset allocation also contains sustainable asset classes including micro finance and green real estate. 
  • Multi Asset Dynamic Shield: managed using a quantitative trend-following approach. Through a dynamic asset allocation, determined by prevailing market environment, the fund aims to exploit market opportunities and intends to considerably limit downside risk.

Use of external investment managers

Fund managers cannot be equally successful in all areas. We therefore make use of the expertise of external investment managers in some areas, and have specialized in finding the best investment managers and harnessing their skills for our clients.

Princely Strategy also available for clients

The Princely Strategy (GIM) offers clients the opportunity to invest according to the same investment strategy as the Princely House of Liechtenstein. Asset allocation in the Princely Portfolio encompasses traditional and alternative investments in an integrated overall package.

LGT investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options with an LGT client advisor.