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LGT Group - About us

LGT Group is the largest privately held private banking and asset management group in Europe to be run entirely as a family business.

The family of the Princely House of Liechtenstein has been in charge of LGT Group for over ninety years. This makes LGT Group one of the few independent financial services providers in private ownership, enabling it single-mindedly to pursue long-term goals. The resulting continuity and stability are reflected in our corporate culture as well as in investment strategy and asset management for our clients. This can also be seen in the very high ratings we continually receive for our security and creditworthiness from respected independent rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

Family Office of the Princely House

LGT Group operates as a family business. We are therefore familiar with the specific needs and re-quirements of entrepreneurs in matters of finance and investment. The Princely House of Liechtenstein is not only the owner but also the largest client of LGT Group. As the Family Office of the Princely Family, we have years of experience in the structuring and management of sizeable family assets. We can offer our clients the option of investing their assets according to the same strategy the one used by the Princely Family. This results in a high degree of convergence in investment interests between clients and owners, both of whom benefit from our outstanding investment abilities.

LGT Group: focus on private banking and asset management

LGT Group 

Our special ownership structure and the focus on our core business of Private Banking and Asset Management inform the culture of our company and its attention to quality. LGT Group has around 1,800 employees in more than twenty locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Despite our relatively compact size, we are able to offer our wealthy private clients and institutional investors a global perspective and multiple-award-winning abilities in traditional and alternative investments.