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Facts and Figures from LGT

LGT's financial results for the first half of 2014 will be released on August 27, 2014.


 LGT's key figures   As at 31.12.2013
Assets under management (CHF billions)   110.7
Total assets (CHF billions)   28.3
Equity capital (CHF billions)   3.2
Total operating income (CHF millions)   894.8
Group profit (CHF millions)   139.2
Net asset inflow (CHF billions)   7.5
Employees worldwide   1921
Locations worldwide   24
BIS core tier 1 capital ratio (%)   21.3
Ratings Standard & Poor’s / Moody’s
for LGT Bank Ltd.
A+ / A1

 Media Release LGT Financial Results 2013 (PDF)