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Support and sponsorship in sport and culture

LGT supports CSI Basel.

As part of our commitment to society at large, we provide support for art and culture as well as selected sports. Art and top-level sport are imbued with values which are important to us: discipline, skill and innovative thinking.

Support for tradition and innovation: sponsorship of equestrian culture

Horse breeding and riding represent a cultural heritage which goes back thousands of years, yet which at the same time is modern. That is why these activities fit superbly with the corporate culture of LGT. The connections which the Princely House of Liechtenstein has with equestrian culture stretch back to Prince Karl Eusebius of Liechtenstein, who founded the Eisgrub stud farm in the 17th century. Today, LGT promotes sporting endeavor by sponsoring top-class equestrian tournaments as sponsor of the Vienna Masters, CSI Basel and Mercedes-CSI Zurich.

Sponsoring Tina Weirather and LSV

LGT has been supporting the Liechtenstein Ski Association (LSV) for over twenty years. Professional skiers like Tina Weirather and Marina Nigg benefit from this long-term partnership. With numerous World Cup and Olympic wins, e.g. by Hanni Wenzel, Paul Frommelt, Ursula Konzett and Marco Büchel, Liechtenstein has been one of the most successful skiing nations for decades.

Our congratulations to Tina Weirather for her recent success.

Support for art and culture

Just like our owner, the Princely House of Liechtenstein, LGT has set itself the task of preserving and increasing our cultural heritage. LGT Group's commitment to the fine arts is demonstrated in its key role in promoting the Princely Collections as well as exhibitions including works from these Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein throughout the world. With support of LGT, parts of the Princely Collections are currently exhibited in China for the first time.

Moreover, LGT has supported Operettenbühne Vaduz as its main sponsor for over 20 years.

LGT Bank to serve as the new main sponsor of the Bregenz Festival

The Bregenz Festival enthralls thousands of people every year, and is renowned for being committed to quality and its innovative way of thinking. These are values that LGT also promotes in private banking. And as an internationally recognized celebration of culture, the festival on the world’s biggest lake stage is a major attraction. During the next two years, one of the world’s most popular operas will also be performed: “The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The giant, technically sophisticated stage design as well as the unique acoustics will also impress thousands of visitors this summer.