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LGT Private Banking: ratings and awards

Handelsblatt Elite Report (Special Report: The Elite Amongst the Asset Managers)

  • The Elite Report considers LGT Bank to be one of the leading private banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria and has awarded LGT the highest possible rating of “summa cum laude” for the 11th time on succession.
  • “It is impressive how this bank continues to expand internationally and enjoy success. LGT is a rarity in Europe”, conclude the editors of the Elite Report. “Depending on the nature of its client requirements, its level of performance often exceeds that of some long-established asset managers. You would have to place LGT at the very top.”

Fuchsbriefe-Report (Tops 2014 – The best asset managers)

  • Out of more than 100 institutions surveyed LGT ranked an outstanding sixth and is considered to be one of the leading wealth managers in Europe.
  • The testers felt that LGT conduced the best overall advisory meeting of the year. “From excellent service and an ability to empathize right through to the specific pieces of expert advice provided, the bank of the Princely House put in a truly stellar performance – this is the kind of relationship manager that clients want.”
  • Fuchsbriefe concludes: “First-class service and high-quality advisory with the client treated as an equal. On top of that, an illustrative and clearly laid-out proposal that virtually mirrored our client requirements.”

Best private bank in Switzerland": Bilanz private banking rating 2011

  • The Swiss business magazine Bilanz carries out tests to measure the performance of Switzerland's private banks on a yearly basis. LGT Bank Switzerland took first place in the 2011 rating of private banks.
  • 66 banks were asked to draw up investment proposals, which were assessed based on criteria including scope, costs, transparency and risk analysis. LGT’s investment proposal won over the jury both in terms of content and its customized client presentation.)


Moody's: A1

Ratings agency Moody’s rates LGT Bank at A1, officially testifying to the bank’s very high creditworthiness and reliability.
Moody's rating report (pdf)


Standard & Poor's: A+

LGT Bank is one of the few private banks that allows itself to be officially rated. It consistently receives a high rating of A+ from Standard & Poor’s.
Standard & Poor’s rating report (pdf)