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Our commitment to
supporting sport and culture

Achieving success in art or top-level sport relies on values that are also important to us when it comes to providing financial services: discipline, skill and innovative thinking.

LGT’s sponsorship activities

As part of its commitment to society at large, LGT provides support for art and culture as well as selected sports. Art and top-level sport are imbued with values that are also important to LGT: discipline, skill and innovative thinking.

With the Young Soloists, LGT supports young musicians in their careers.

LGT Young Soloists - passion and mastery in unison

For centuries, the Princely House of Liechtenstein has been offering its patronage not only to fine arts, but to musicians too. Carrying on this tradition, LGT provides specific support for nurturing young talent.

Skiing: from young talents to top athletes
© Riccardo Götz

Skiing: from young talents to top athletes

LGT has been supporting the Liechtenstein Skiing Association (LSV) for more than 20 years in order to promote both popular and top-class sport in the long term.

Champions Hockey League

Champions Hockey League: Perform. Score. Win.

In the Champions Hockey League, the best European hockey teams fight for the most coveted title in European club hockey. As a sponsor of CHL Top Scorer, LGT never misses a game.

© (Manuel Lopez)

TEDxZurich: Inspirational and innovative ideas

LGT is sponsoring TEDxZurich as a Partner. Innovative approaches for a better future will be presented at the conference dedicated to ideas and technology.

LGT and Curling

Curling Championships: Precision and Team Spirit.

LGT has supported curling for over ten years – also as a sponsor of the European and World Championships.