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TEDxZurich: inspiring, innovative, surprising

The world-famous TED talks are also present in Zurich: Once a year, the audience of the TEDxZurich conference gets to know creative ideas and inspiring speakers. LGT supports this platform as a sponsor.

Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Richard Branson. All of them have already given TED talks. Under the motto "Ideas worth spreading", gifted speakers and thinkers present their thoughts, ideas and findings in brief, inspring talks. Many of these are then available free of charge, and often spread rapidly across the internet.

Originally, "TED" stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design". In contrast to the first conference in the US in 1984, however, the talks are not limited to these topics but include culture, art, politics and science. Today, local versions of TED conferences have spread all over the world.

At TEDxZurich, professors, CEOs, artists and creative minds walk out on the stage. They all have one common goal: to explain and disseminate their bright ideas and concepts for a better future during a short, inspiring presentation.


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TEDxZurich on Connections

Exchange or isolation, open borders or walls: We live in a period of ever-changing forms of interconnection and mutual dependence. These relationships might be interpreted as offering unexpected opportunities – or as posing a threat. On the last TEDxZurich conference, twelve referents debated on the subject of "Connection" from different points of view.

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Mit 16 Punkten (neun Treffer/sieben Vorlagen) in neun Spielen war Fredrik Pettersson der ZSC Lions Zürich der erfolgreichste Spieler der Champions-Hockey-League-Saison 2017/18.

Herzliche Gratulation!

eDays, dem offiziellen Rahmenprogramm zum Formel-E-Rennen in Zürich
Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland

"TEDxZurich offers an excellent platform for the inspired minds of today. With their innovative ideas, they provide new stimuli and identify solutions for mastering society’s challenges. I am very pleased to be supporting this platform."

Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland