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Liquid alternatives: with LGT, take advantage of the various opportunities presented by alternative investments

Alternative asset classes can improve both the diversification and the risk/return profile of a portfolio. For investors, LGT Capital Partners opens up the various opportunities that liquid alternatives can offer.

Liquid alternatives provide a range of investment opportunities. Depending on an investor’s return requirements and risk strategy, these investments can be a very valuable addition, especially within a portfolio as a whole.

Hedge funds

As an investor, LGT Capital Partners has used hedge funds as a specific investment strategy since 1997. LGT Capital Partners enables investors to diversify portfolios by providing access to a wide range of hedge fund strategies that provide downside protection in turbulent markets as well as generate stable returns over the long haul.

Insurance-linked investments

In order to diversify a portfolio effectively, it is necessary to identify asset classes that have as low a correlation to other asset classes as possible. Insurance-linked investments barely correlate to the financial markets and also offer attractive returns.

Alternative style premia

Institutional investors are increasingly turning to alternative style premia (ASP) to get exposure to more liquid and transparent diversifying strategies that are also cost efficient.

Disclaimer: LGT investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at LGT with a relationship manager.