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Attractive specialized solutions

Fixed income investments in particular face major challenges in the low interest rate environment. However, specialized solutions and enhanced asset classes can be used to generate attractive returns in the long-only segment.

In the area of fixed income solutions, LGT Capital Partners manages one of Europe’s largest specialized inflation-linked bond funds. We also have major expertise as regards high interest and emerging market bonds. As far as equities are concerned, the focus is on the integration of sustainability criteria and on a strict process for selecting individual securities in order to create robust portfolios.

Specialized fixed income solutions

A focal point of specialized fixed income solutions is inflation-linked bonds in which LGT Capital Partners has been investing for more than a decade. Here we are among the market leaders.

Sustainable equity solutions

By integrating sustainability criteria and a strict process for selecting individual securities, we create portfolios that benefit from positive movements by the market and that are also solidly positioned for the long term.

Disclaimer: LGT investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at LGT with a relationship manager.