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LGT Young Soloists: an orchestra made up of soloists

For centuries, the Princely House of Liechtenstein has been offering its patronage not only to fine arts, but to musicians too. Carrying on this tradition, LGT provides specific support for nurturing young talent.

Princess Maria Josepha Hermenegilde of Liechtenstein (1786-1845) was a great patron of Joseph Haydn, who composed five masses for her, while Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote an extraordinary wind serenade for another royal figure from Liechtenstein, Prince Alois I (1759-1805).

Whether the young performers supported by LGT will ever reach such great heights in their musical careers remains to be seen, but they certainly have the potential to do so. And with LGT’s help, they have the chance to develop their skills in a unique environment.

The LGT Young Soloists are a group of string soloists between the ages of twelve and 23, who have gathered to form a unique chamber orchestra. The LGT Young Soloists ensemble enables them to collaborate, to provide mutual inspiration, to learn from each other by making music together, and to benefit from the change of role between being a soloist and a member of an ensemble.

The LGT Young Soloists project has two main goals: to provide intensive training for talented young musicians, and to give the members of the ensemble extensive playing practice as well as the chance to gain an impression of as many aspects of life as a professional musician as possible. They stage concerts all over the world - in Vienna, Munich and Zurich as well as places further afield such as Moscow, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing - which gives them the opportunity to gain experience in performing with a high-quality ensemble on international stages.

The LGT Young Soloists are the world’s first youth orchestra to release an album on the RCA Red Seal (Sony) record label.

The musicians also have the considerable benefit of being given the chance to play top-class instruments made by the likes of Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, which are provided by sponsors.

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