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Portfolio management

You set the direction with your relationship manager. Our regional investment experts invest your assets professionally according to your specifications.

The dynamic nature and increasing complexity of the financial markets necessitate that your assets be constantly monitored. If you do not have sufficient time to manage your assets or are less familiar with the global markets and the opportunities offered by today’s financial instruments, you can commission our specialists to take care of your investments professionally and individually.

What you can expect from us:

  • Based on your needs, your objectives, your risk tolerance and your time horizon we help you to determine a suitable investment strategy in the range of conservative to more dynamic solutions
  • For your portfolio we will take into account all asset classes in the traditional and alternative investment segments. From the range of investment opportunities you will get access to the best-in-class investment products which best suit your requirements
  • We monitor financial market trends on your behalf and make sure that your assets are always invested according to the agreed strategy. Investment decisions are made transparent and comprehensible to you.
  • You have full transparency over your investments at all times and your personal relationship manager acts as a competent contact partner.

LGT portfolio management mandates

In all LGT portfolio management mandates, the assets are broadly diversified in order to reduce risk and are invested in a large number of asset classes. By monitoring risk on a continuous basis, we ensure that your mandate follows the course that you have set, which in turn is defined on the basis of your risk appetite.

Choice of LGT portfolio management mandates

  • Asset allocation portfolios
  • Equity portfolios or bond portfolios
  • Special mandates for customized portfolios above USD 10 million

Let your assets be managed professionally. Your advantages are 

  • Investments are made in line with LGT overall investment strategy
  • You get access to first-class traditional and alternative investments, e.g. fixed income, equities, commodities, hedge funds
  • All financial instruments are carefully selected and sourced by our regional professionals
  • You can view your assets at any time while transactions are fully transparent and easy to understand


Would you like to find out more about LGT's portfolio management?

Make an appointment with one of our local experts in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.