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Trade globally

At LGT, you have round-the-clock access to the world’s most important stock exchanges and trading venues. Whether you are investing in securities, currencies or precious metals: we offer the best possible products and prices

At LGT Private Banking, our trading team provides outstanding service and best execution for private investors and institutional clients. You can access LGT’s trading services through your relationship manager or directly via SmartBanking

Why rely on us

  • Globalized organizational structure with footprints in Singapore and Liechtenstein, offering extensive 21 hours dealing coverage for relationship managers, clients and group companies of LGT.
  • Strong network of counterparties as a result of the excellent and stable rating of LGT Bank Ltd.
  • Open architecture and sophisticated trading platforms that support the fast-changing product environment and warrant best price sourcing.
  • Service-oriented and dedicated team with specialized expertise to support clients’ investment objectives.
  • Strong team dynamics leading to positive and productive working relationships that further enhances capabilities in maintaining high service standards.
  • The following investment products and services are available to you:

Forex and precious metals trading

  • Execution of spots, forwards, swaps, non-deliverable forwards, dual currency investments, precious metals linked investments, FX OTC options and structured products, paper and physical gold
  • Globally networked traders at clients’ disposal
  • Highly automated processes and sophisticated operations that facilitate professional market making and competitive pricing

Securities Trading

  • Execution of equities, fixed income, funds, equity structured products, OTC and listed derivatives
  • Global custody and broker network with direct market access to over 50 execution venues worldwide
  • Commitment in exploring clients’ specific requests, tailoring individual structured products and offering access to emerging market venues

Money Market and Balance Sheet Management

  • Cash and liquidity management of LGT entities
  • Fulfilling clients’ requests for fiduciary and nostro deposits
  • Dedication in providing fair bid and offer rates and best execution for clients

Forex Advisory

  • Providing customized advisory and strategies for trading orientated clients
  • Proactive interaction with direct access trading clients and relationship managers
  • Idea generation to provide unique trading solutions

Direct Access Trading

  • Service offering for clients with sophisticated trading demands, inclusive of both private and institutional clients
  • Offering a direct channel for clients to feel the ‘pulse of the market’ and execute trading ideas promptly
  • Enhancement of clients’ access to a myriad of trading solutions and market intelligence

Trading locations and hours

Trading hours: 08:00 - 18:00 
(GMT +8)

Trading hours: 08:00 - 22:00

Would you like to find out more about Trading and Treasury at LGT?

Make an appointment with one of our local experts in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.