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LGT is main sponsor of the European Curling Championship

November 16, 2021

Starting on Saturday, the 20 best teams in Europe will compete at the European Curling Championships. LGT is the main sponsor of the event again this year.

The women's national curling team from Switzerland

Starting next weekend, the sports world will once again be dominated by curling. At this year's European Championships in Lillehammer, Norway, the continent's ten best women's teams and ten best men's teams will play thrilling matches before one team each is crowned European champion on November 27. 

Active in the sport of curling
LGT has been supporting curling events worldwide for over ten years. LGT is the main sponsor at the European Championships and thus presents itself to a sport-loving public worldwide. In addition to various advertising appearances at the event, such as commercials on modern LED boards, LGT is also present on the athletes' clothing. Commercials and digital appearances complete the sponsorship.