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Switzerland is curling world champion

May 10, 2021

At the LGT World Women's Curling Championship 2021, the Swiss curlers defended their world championship title. In the final, they defeated the Russians 4:2.

Switzerland is curling world champion

6 World Championship titles in the last 9 years

It is a remarkable success story: Melanie Barbezat, Esther Neuenschwander, Silvana Tirinzoni and Alina Pätz from CC Aarau are not only continuing their own triumphs, but also those of Swiss women's curling in general. Since 2012, when the Davos team led by skip Mirjam Ott won the title in Lethbridge, Canada, the Swiss women have conceded only three world championship titles to the best teams of the other major curling nations such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland. The remaining six stayed in Switzerland.

At the LGT World Women's Curling Championship 2021, it was only three times that the Swiss women were challenged over the full distance of ten ends – in the round-robin-matches against Scotland and against the USA as well as in the final. In the end, they can be proud of their total of 14 victories in Calgary. In the other eleven games, the opponents gave up after the 9th end at the latest, often even before.

LGT and curling

LGT has been supporting curling events worldwide for over ten years. At the Women's World Championship, LGT is the title and main sponsor, thus presenting itself to a sports-loving audience worldwide. In addition to various advertising appearances at the event, such as ads on modern LED boards, LGT is also present on the athletes' clothing. Commercials and digital presentations complete the sponsorship.