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Online banking

We provide our clients with two user-friendly ways to access their portfolios and accounts. LGT Class e-banking and our new digital private banking application, LGT SmartBanking, are efficient, customer-friendly and secure. Additionally, LGT continues to further develop and enhance its digital services.

LGT SmartBanking: Online banking for private clients

LGT SmartBanking is your new, easy online way to get in touch with us. LGT SmartBanking gives you access to information about your portfolios and accounts or to communicate with your LGT contact person via a secure and documented channel. You may also exchange documents, create your own notifications or receive ordered LGT documents through LGT SmartBanking. Additionally, under the “News” tab of this application, you may read the latest information about LGT.

To get access, please contact your personal client adviser.

For further information to LGT SmartBanking and login process.

  • Technical requirements
  • Guaranteed security

LGT SmartBanking can be used on all devices with Internet access (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones). It employs the latest security technology.

Users of LGT SmartBanking will be sent information on how to activate their respective LGT SmartBanking accounts. For security reasons, a user account, coupled with a personal user ID and a password, will be required to access LGT SmartBanking. This information will be sent separately from the activation information. Once received, access documents should be stored in a safe place at all times and not divulged to third parties.

When logging in from a PC, laptop or tablet:
For greater security, in addition to entering your user ID and password, you are required to scan a special cryptogram each time you log on using a PC, laptop or tablet. If you would like to use LGT SmartBanking on a PC, laptop or tablet, you will need a smartphone with the LGT SmartBanking app (available for downloading from the iOS or Android app stores) or the LGT SecureSign app (available in the Blackberry or Windows mobile app stores) to scan the cryptogram. Alternatively, you can use a separate small reader device that your LGT contact person will supply to you upon request. You then simply photograph the cryptogram on the screen of your access device using your smartphone or the separate reader. This generates a security code for authentication purposes.

When logging in from your Smartphone:
If you access LGT SmartBanking directly on a smartphone, you will only be required to supply your user name and password and will not be required to use cryptogram authentication. Please note that, before you can operate your LGT SmartBanking app, you will need to conduct an initial, one time activation using a PC, laptop or tablet in order to activate your smartphone.


LGT SmartBanking Pro for financial intermediaries

Clearly laid out, fast and easy to use: Get to know our digital platform for financial intermediaries.

LGT SmartBanking Pro

Security reminder

LGT online banking users should change any passwords provided to them by LGT immediately upon receipt and destroy the original printed copies of the passwords. We also recommend the following additional measures for security reasons:


  • Passwords should be changed periodically and must not contain easily accessible personal information, e.g. telephone number, date of birth, part of a name, etc. Do not use the same password for accessing other services or websites.
  • Keep your login credentials and devices secure and protect them against wrongful use by unauthorized persons. Do not disclose your password to anyone including LGT staff or the police.
  • Minimize security risks that arise as a result of using public networks and/or mobile devices by taking suitable measures and precautions, e.g. install up-to-date virus scanner, effective firewall, mobile hard drive encryption to protect data saved on mobile devices, etc.

Internet and Banking Security

LGT Internet Banking: Help and contact

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