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Your exclusive access to a download of the "Liechtenstein Suite"

Music touches and moves us, and this holds true, of course, for the works of one of the most celebrated composers of our time: Philip Glass.

On the occasion of LGT’s 100th anniversary, he composed the "Liechtenstein Suite", which was recently premiered by the LGT Young Soloists. As a guest of the concerts in Vienna and London, you can now relive this exclusive concert experience: we are providing you with a downloadable recording of the performance.

Liechtenstein Suite, Part 1
Liechtenstein Suite, Part 2
Liechtenstein Suite, Part 3

Philip Glass: Symphonie No. 14, "Liechtenstein Suite"

Philip Glass  © Danny Clinch
More information Philip Glass © Danny Clinch

US-born Philip Glass is considered one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century. His operas, symphonies, compositions and extensive collaborations with artists from Leonard Cohen to David Bowie continue to have an extraordinary and unprecedented musical influence to this day. Glass became known to a wide audience through his film scores for The Truman Show and The Hours. He is the first composer to simultaneously win over a broad, multi-generational audience in opera houses, concert halls, movies and popular music.

Glass wrote “Liechtenstein Suite” specifically for LGT’s 100th anniversary. He is often called a minimalist because his compositions resemble slowly expanding cycles of rhythmic patterns; however, he rejects this label, defining his work simply as “repetitive musical structures.” His genius lies in his seeming simplicity.

The LGT Young Soloists

It all started in the fall of 2013, when Alexander Gilman formed an impromptu ensemble by bringing together 15 of his students for an LGT client event at the City Palace in Vienna. This was meant to be the only such performance. However, the concert was followed by standing ovations, great enthusiasm – and a partnership with LGT. The idea behind the ensemble is for young string soloists to take turns performing and accompanying each other as an orchestra. This gives them to opportunity to learn from each other and gain valuable experience by performing as well as producing CDs and DVDs.

Just two years after their founding, the LGT Young Soloists became the first youth orchestra in the world to record with RCA Red Seal. Since then, they have gone on world tours, performed in tradition-steeped concert halls such as the Berlin Philharmonie and the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, and released five successful albums. Today, LGT Young Soloists is synonymous with outstanding young musicians from all over the world.