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For the benefit of the environment and society

Sustainable thinking and acting is part of our corporate philosophy.

Thinking in terms of generations

Thinking and acting in a forward-looking manner creates and upholds values: We feel an obligation to our employees, society and the environment to take responsibility and play our part in securing a future worth living in.

Our understanding of sustainability

We scrutinize the impact of our activities across the board. Social engagement, responsible investing and using resources sparingly all form an integral part of our corporate responsibility. 

Sustainable investments

LGT has signed up to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and is thus committed to following them. We offer our clients investment opportunities with a social and financial return.

"For several years now, LGT has used its position as a leading investor in private equity funds to bring about a stronger focus on social and environmental values across the entire sector."

Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners