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Social responsibility

Thinking and acting sustainably forms part of our corporate philosophy.

Social and corporate responsibility

Our society is facing major challenges, not just where the environment is concerned, but also from a social, technological and political perspective. We must all fulfill our social and corporate responsibility and contribute to a livable future. LGT does this in various areas.

Environmental pollution, climate change, government debt and drastic cost-saving policies are testing democratic cohesion and placing a strain on society. But the warning signals seem to have finally hit home at national and international levels and the issue of sustainability is increasingly in the public spotlight.

Commitment to sustainability in the financial sector

To overcome these many and varied challenges, we not only need a strong political system that will put in place the necessary legislative and regulatory changes. We also need businesses to act sustainably and make its own contribution by introducing structural changes and technological innovations. As an investor and investment adviser, the financial sector can play an important role in the necessary transformation process when allocating capital.

What sustainability means at LGT

Sustainability has long been a priority for LGT. Due not least to our unique ownership structure, we have always taken the long-term, holistic view and fulfilled our social and environmental responsibility at various levels. In 2014, we defined various sustainability targets that we intend to meet by 2020.

The balance between society and nature has been upset. We must all commit to setting a course for a more sustainable world. LGT wants to make an active contribution to the sustainability debate – and has set itself clear targets by 2020.

Fulfilling corporate responsibility – in keeping with the UN development goals

In fall 2015, the UN adopted Agenda 2030, with the backing of all member states. The core component of this agenda are 17 goals for sustainable development, which are evenly spread over the economic, social and environmental domains. For the first time, combating poverty and sustainable development have been combined in a single agenda. However, the UN can only achieve these goals if all actors play their part: states, businesses, local communities and each individual person.

LFT wants to contribute to the attainment of these sustainability goals – both in its banking operations and in the investment business. We also want to support our private clients, giving them a better understanding of the issue of sustainability and enabling them to check how sustainable their investment instruments and portfolios are.

UN development goals

Sustainable investment at LGT

Investing sustainably at LGT

As an intermediary between investors and businesses and other organizations that need finance, financial institutions can strive to ensure that capital is invested sustainably from both an environmental and a social perspective. In so doing, they are responding to growing interest among their clients. The majority of institutional investors are now convinced that sustainable investment helps increase risk-adjusted yield. Sustainable investments are also becoming increasingly important for private investors. Many investors no longer want companies in their portfolio that are involved in controversial activities or that pollute the environment.

Sustainable management is important to LGT.

Doing business sustainably at LGT

For LGT, responsible and sustainable corporate governance is an essential requirement for gaining and reinforcing the trust of clients and employees and also that of the company’s owner and other stakeholders. We consider it our responsibility to fulfill our social and corporate responsibility, be mindful of the social and environmental consequences of our business activity and offer our employees an attractive, safe and healthy working environment.In our business operations, we strive to use resources sustainably and sparingly and we play our part in protecting the climate. Moreover, we require our suppliers to produce sustainably.

 LGT fulfils its social responsibility through sustainable thinking and action.

Thinking sustainably at LGT

A company should not be focused solely on maximizing profits. After all, companies can only flourish in a healthy society in the long term. LGT fulfills its social and corporate responsibility by thinking and acting sustainably, it tries to give something back to society, it handles natural resources with care and it plays its part in protecting the climate. For that contribution to be as effective as possible, we engage in regular dialog with various stakeholders – clients, owners and employees, as well as authorities, suppliers, academia and society as a whole

The LGT Sustainability Report

LGT Sustainability Report

In our latest sustainability report, which covers the years 2015 and 2016, we describe the objectives we have set ourselves in the area of sustainability, the ways we intend to achieve them and the efforts we have made in the past two years to contribute to a sustainable performance.

LGT Sustainability Report 2015 to 2016 (PDF)

LGT Sustainability Report 2013 to 2014 (PDF)

LGT Sustainability Report 2010 to 2012 (PDF)

Memberships and partnerships

To play our part in sustainable development, we are involved in numerous international organizations and associations. Our key memberships are listed here:


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LGT Media Relations
Christof Buri
Head Group Marketing & Communications
Tel. +423 235 2303

Group Sustainability Manager