Top News | Jul 2, 2015

Tsipras turnaround bid rejected

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras signaled that he is prepared to compromise on the creditor group’s reform demands in a bid to revive negotiations. However, Brussels and also Berlin refused to engage in new talks on a new bailout until the Greek referendum on Sunday. Meanwhile, European stock exchanges recovered from the initial shock and posted healthy gains, still bedding on a “five-minutes-after-twelve-solution” in the Greek debt drama.

Asset Allocation Strategy Q3/2015

Economic outlook - still on shaky ground

Overall our tactical asset allocation for Q3 sees the global economy to remain on course, with structural imbalances and geopolitical issues denting its progress. Up to now inflation potential is kept in check by overcapacity, high debt burdens and low commodities prices. Click "read more" to get detailed insights into our market view.