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Sustainable investments: valuable for people, the environment and financial returns

With the "Focus Sustainability" portfolio management mandate, we offer a forward-looking asset management solution to private clients who wish to invest sustainably. It combines positive effects for people and the environment with long-term financial benefits.

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Sustainable investments: our selection criteria for sustainable portfolio management

We invest exclusively in instruments that meet our high standards for sustainability. To achieve this, we apply strict sustainability criteria when selecting investment instruments. These are reflected in the five key features of the "Focus Sustainability" portfolio management mandate:

1. Exclusions

Our LGT portfolio managers consistently apply exclusion criteria for companies and countries for our sustainable portfolio management mandates. When selecting countries, for example, we exclude countries that severely disregard human rights. Sustainable portfolio management also excludes controversial weapons and coal, a principle that applies throughout LGT.

2. ESG integration and LGT sustainability rating

The ESG criteria (environment, social and governance) are used to assess the sustainability of companies and countries. LGT's portfolio managers invest in instruments with an LGT sustainability rating of four or five stars, i.e. exclusively in instruments that have an above-average sustainability score in their respective segment.

3. Environmental footprint

Our portfolio managers exclusively choose shares of companies that have a smaller environmental footprint than their competitors. In doing so, they consider greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption and waste generation.

4. Sustainability topics

Our portfolio managers add a targeted selection of sustainable themed investments to the portfolio that contribute toward resolving global challenges such as water scarcity. This is mainly achieved by investing in funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

5. Impact assessment

Unsere Portfoliomanager nehmen in der Regel nur Unternehmen auf, die einen positiven Gesamtbeitrag zu den United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The risk profiles of your sustainable investment strategy

Depending on your risk tolerance, we offer four investment profiles:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Liquidity










Sustainable investments: find out more

The sustainable portfolio management mandate is available in four strategies and three currencies (CHF, EUR and USD) - we also offer individually tailored investment solutions from an investment of CHF 5 million. Do you have any questions about sustainable investments, or would you like more information?

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Sustainable investments: the benefits of your mandate

Convincing arguments for our "Focus Sustainability" portfolio management:

  • Credibility: Our owner family’s strong commitment to sustainability
  • Forward-looking investment solution: Sustainable and financial factors are fully compatible
  • Positive impact: Good for people and the environment - and also for your investment success
  • In-house sustainability tool: Every investment instrument is given its own rating
  • Tailored investment solutions: Your investments are tailored to your personal values 
  • Personal portfolio manager: Your personal portfolio manager looks after your mandate
  • Transparency: Transparent reporting on the sustainability of your portfolio