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Trade globally

At LGT, you have round-the-clock access to the world’s most important stock exchanges and trading venues. Whether you are investing in securities, currencies or precious metals: we offer the best possible products and prices.

At LGT Private Banking, our trading team provides outstanding service and best execution for private investors and institutional clients. You can access LGT’s trading services through your relationship manager or directly via SmartBanking.

The following investment products and services are available to you:

Trade equities

By investing in stock markets, you participate directly in the financial success of companies. You can select individual stocks or invest in funds that we manage according to our proven quality approach.

You gain electronic access to the world’s most attractive equities and exchange-traded funds. We trade in accordance with MiFID2 "Best Execution" principles and, depending on the type of order, use automated programs to ensure you receive the best possible price.


Trade bonds

LGT’s bond experts analyze interest rate cycles, macroeconomic developments and credit risks to identify investment opportunities that are suitable for you.

Thanks to a diversified and proven network of counterparties, we offer you excellent prices in all tradable bonds.

Trade structured products 

We combine various asset classes (equities, bonds, fixed income instruments or derivatives) for you in order to create a structured product that is tailored to your personal risk/return profile.

A team of specialists supports your LGT relationship manager in selecting a suitable product. We swiftly establish the right price for you from among a large number of market participants.

Trade traditional and alternative investment funds

We give you access to highly qualified fund managers in many countries - both for traditional and alternative funds. LGT is a leading global provider of alternative investment funds with a unique range of products.

As a private investor, you benefit from LGT’s professional selection process and distribution network.


Foreign exchange and precious metals

Take advantage of all instruments in the global foreign exchange and precious metals market quickly and flexibly at LGT Private Banking. Experienced traders in Vaduz and Singapore are available to you around the clock.

Silver, gold, platinum or palladium can be a smart addition to a portfolio. If you have any questions, please contact your relationship manager.

Direct Access Trading

We provide professional private and institutional clients who trade actively with direct access to trading.

With our direct access trading offering, you have an experienced trading partner at your side. This enables you to always keep your finger on the "pulse of the market".