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Your lifestyle reflects your values. In this section, we offer you inspiring articles about art, fashion, travel and design or architecture, as well as health and wellness, sport, art and culture. How do you want to shape your life?

My Bristol: More than Banksy

Oct 30, 2020

Andrew Davies from LGT Vestra on the local art scene, hot air balloons and the reason why the city is ten minutes behind.More

There are many ways in which you can shape your life. Your lifestyle not only says something about your preferences. It also reflects the things that motivate and seem particularly important to you. From fashion and style to travel and food, design and architecture, health and sport, art and culture, beauty and wellness – this all mirrors your individual personality and your values.
With the lifestyle reports on MAG/NET, we want to offer you news from all of these areas. Looking beyond short-term fashion and trends, we want to give you a source of inspiration and excitement online – one that enables you to see things from a new perspective. Read our portraits, background reports and features to find out more.
Which lifestyle suits you?


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