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LGT client journal CREDO

June 16, 2015


The latest issue of the journal CREDO features a variety of articles on the topic of "honesty" and offers some surprising insights. Why not order a printed copy for your summer reading, or browse the current issue of CREDO online?



In this new issue of CREDO we introduce personalities who illustrate the diverse topic of "honesty". Adolfo Kaminsky was one of Europe's best document forgers, and used his skills to save thousands of people from being sent to their deaths. In order to remain undiscovered he had to deceive all those around him for years on end – even including his own family. Does this make him a dishonest person? We have also interviewed the evolutionary biologist Volker Sommer, who believes that the ability to lie and to recognize lies has acted as a sharpening stone for our intelligence and is thus an important factor in human evolution. Klaus Klemp, a professor of design history and theory, explores the outgrowths of the modern world of merchandise. In his essay, Klemp calls for us to return to true design. And finally, our reporter Roberta Fischli has subjected herself to a self-test. In her report she investigates just what lie detectors are all about.

We would like our journal CREDO, which is published twice a year, to demonstrate to you what we understand by "wealth culture", and what values are important to us as a bank. You can either read it online or subscribe to the printed edition free of charge.

Order back issues of CREDO while stocks last.


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