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Award Win at HFM European Performance Awards 2021

July 16, 2021

At the renown HFM European Performance Awards, LGT Capital Partners’ News-Based Trading strategy has won the category ‘Quantitative Strategy under USD 1bn’ in a universe of established quantitative strategies.

For 14 years, the HFM European Performance Awards have been awarded to the best performing hedge funds, CTAs and FoHFs in Europe. All areas of hedge fund strategy are covered, from credit and equity to macro and managed futures. 

The HFM European Performance Awards 2021 categories were developed in consultation with the industry to ensure they are representative of the broad and fast-moving nature of the hedge fund sector. 

Participating strategies were evaluated by a judging panel made up of leading institutional and private investors and investment consultants, specially selected for their wealth of experience and alternatives expertise. The robust methodology ensures the awards reflect how institutional investors asse hedge fund performance in their allocation decisions in the real world.