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LGT named "Top Employer 2017"

February 22, 2017

LGT Bank Switzerland and LGT Bank Liechtenstein have been named a "Top Employer" by the Top Employers Institute for an impressive third year in a row.

For a service company in particular, employees are the most important success factor. “This means that we need to attract the best talent,” says Gustav Stendahl, Head Group Human Resources at LGT. “And we have to offer them more than just a challenging job and an attractive salary.” Today’s applicants have different requirements and expect more from an employer than they used to, he believes. “They also look at whether their potential employer offers some excellent opportunities for continuing professional development and what its corporate culture is like.” As a progressive employer, LGT makes sure that the HR side of its business is audited – and has now achieved an outstanding result for the third time, retaining its “Top Employer” crown in 2017.                                                                                                                                

"We’re delighted to have been accredited once again. It shows us that we are meeting the high requirements that we have set ourselves for our HR work and HR management," Gustav Stendahl says. "As a growing company, we offer much more than interesting assignments and opportunities for promotion – we are a dynamic place to work. What’s more, being in private hands gives us a high degree of stability and consistency in our management. For one thing, we’ve succeeded in preserving our corporate culture, which is built around short channels of communication between managers and staff." The independent auditors were impressed not least by LGT’s efforts to integrate new employees, its extensive range of training opportunities and how it develops its staff and executives.

Using an intensive accreditation and audit process, the Top Employers Institute certifies outstanding results in employee orientation achieved by companies across the world, working closely with accountants and consultants Grant Thornton to carry out its analyses. "If you offer ideal working conditions, you’ll enable your staff to grow and continue to develop," says Steffen Neefe, Country Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the Top Employers Institute. "Our detailed audit demonstrates that LGT has created an excellent environment for its employees. Its approach to performance management dovetails perfectly with its corporate culture, it offers attractive conditions of employment and it puts on a great number of creative initiatives."