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LGT Venture Philanthropy opens the world's first "House of Philanthropy Solutions"

May 31, 2011
LGT Venture Philanthropy opened the world's first "House of Philanthropy Solutions" last Thursday in Zurich. This permanent interactive exhibition depicts an insight into solutions provided by organizations that seek to respond effectively to the social and environmental challenges that exist around the planet. The House of Philanthropy Solutions brings philanthropy and the positive results it can achieve to life for visitors, with the aim of inspiring them to actively engage with philanthropic giving.

Venture philanthropy is an approach to philanthropic giving that applies entrepreneurial principles. Specifically, LGT Venture Philanthropy deploys capital in a carefully targeted long-term fashion, to provide active support to young, fast-growing organizations that implement effective solutions to social and environmental problems. The objective is to use resources as efficiently as possible, in order to achieve the best-possible, sustainable positive outcome for disadvantaged people.

At the world’s first House of Philanthropy Solutions in the Zurich district of Seefeld, LGT Venture Philanthropy shows visitors various real-life examples of projects that really deliver. For instance, one of the eleven interactive “solution globes” that visitors can operate shows how the Indian Husk Power Systems organization generates electricity from discarded rice husks, bringing light and earning opportunities to millions of people after the sun goes down. Wall displays give background information on the social and environmental challenges in relation to education, water, food, healthcare, the creation of social investment markets, renewable energy, and resource management.

“This institution is designed to make philanthropy solutions accessible. We also want to establish it as a place at which philanthropists can meet,” explains Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Managing Partner at LGT Venture Philanthropy. The guided tours, workshops, talks and networking events to be held at the House of Philanthropy Solutions are aimed in particular at high net worth individuals from German-speaking countries who want to share their experiences of philanthropy or gain inspiration to engage with philanthropic giving.