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Security advice for LGT SmartBanking apps

February 24, 2022


1. How do you act responsible? By protecting your computer with a smart password composed of a letter-figure-combination.
2. How valuable is your data? Save your data on an external medium or online on a regular basis. Check that your data has indeed been saved.
3. Install a virus protection program. Configure the program in a way that it will automatically and regularly update its’ virus list to ensure that it also recognises current threats.
4. Protect yourself by being suspicious regarding e-mail inquiries. Also e-mails from a known sender, including friends, can be fraudulent.
5. Protect yourself by not sharing your personal e-banking access data such as password, PIN, identification number etc. with third parties, including third party providers.
6. Ensure not to use the same password for business and private purpose. In general we discourage to save passwords in «normal» applications such as browsers, e.g. «Save Password» in the Internet Explorer.
7. Financial institutions never ask for your password, neither over the phone nor by e-mail. They also never request you to change your password by such means.
8. Remove file and printer sharing in computers, especially when they are connected to the internet.


1. Due to security reasons your personal device should never be passed on or lend to others.
2. Activate the automatic screen lock as well as the SIM PIN on your personal device.
3. When using your device in public areas position it in a way that other people cannot read it.
4. Only install apps from the official app stores (e.g. Android's Google Play Store or Apple Store).
5. Update apps, programs and operating systems as soon as updates become available.