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TEDxZurich: Inspiring and surprising for 10 years

November 18, 2021

LGT supports the Zurich offshoot of the globally popular TED Talks conference series, which has now been around for 10 years.

"Ideas worth spreading" is the motto of the TED Talks conference series, which originated in the USA in 1984. Since the 2000s, the gripping short talks by well-known personalities have inspired an ever-growing Internet audience. The 18-minute TED Talks also became a global phenomenon with the local events called TEDx, which are held in Zurich and many other major cities around the world. TEDxZurich is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and in that time it has established a firm place in the universe of local TED conferences with high-caliber talks.

LGT has supported the volunteer-driven TEDxZurich initiative since 2015. Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland: "TEDxZurich offers an excellent platform for the inspired minds of today. With their innovative ideas, they provide new stimuli and identify solutions for mastering society’s challenges. I am very pleased to be supporting this platform."

The next TEDxZurich event will take place on Nov. 19, 2021. For more information and the latest talks, visit