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Market information from our research experts

LGT’s experts are always busy analyzing global economic and market trends. Our research publications on the international financial markets, sectors and companies will help you make informed investment decisions.


You can open documents in the relevant language as a PDF, save them or download them. Selected publications are available as newsletters or you can order print versions.

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  • Market information

LGT Navigator

The daily LGT Navigator gives you the latest business news, market commentaries, company profiles, reports and analyses of economic and currency trends as well as a calendar of business and economic data.

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LGT Beacon

The LGT Beacon provides you with a comprehensive overview of and forecast for key financial markets. It is published as regular global market update.

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LGT Private Banking Europe House View

This house view is published monthly by LGT Private Banking Europe and gives you an insight into our investment strategy.

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Our quarterly Investorama analyzes trends and developments on the financial markets in order to give our clients the best possible support in their investment decisions.

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