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Your sustainable bank: LGT Private Banking

Sustainability is part of our corporate culture.

More than a bank: Committed to sustainability

All individuals must assume their social and corporate responsibility and contribute to ensuring a better future. The financial sector can and must also act sustainably and contribute - through structural adjustments and technological innovations. As investors and investment advisors for capital allocation, sustainable banks play an important role in the transformation process.

LGT is convinced that greater sustainability in the financial sector will benefit the environment, society and also returns.

LGT Private Banking: A sustainable bank by conviction

LGT was early to commit to sustainability in the financial sector; long-term thinking and actions have always been among the company’s core characteristics. We have been working for many years now to further strengthen our commitment to sustainability both in terms of our operations and on the investment side.

Making a positive contribution to the environment and society through our business activities is important to us. That’s why LGT has committed, for example, to reducing the net CO2 emissions from its operations and its investments to zero by 2030. In addition, LGT offers its clients a unique range of sustainable investments and sustainable funds.

We have been implementing our LGT Sustainability Strategy 2025 since 2018. It sets out binding goals to be reached by 2025 with a view to taking sustainability into even greater account in all areas of our business activities and across our entire product range.

The LGT Sustainability Report

In our latest Sustainability Report we describe the sustainability objectives we have set for ourselves, the ways we intend to achieve these and the efforts we have made in recent years to contribute to ensuring a better future as a sustainable bank. 

LGT Sustainability Report 2021 (PDF)

LGT’s position on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is rapidly declining around the world. Yet our very existence and our economic well-being depend on an intact biodiversity. Learn more about a wide range of initiatives aimed at tackling this crisis and LGT’s commitment to biodiversity here.

Whitepaper on Biodiversiy and LGT's Position

Summary of Whitepaper on Biodiversity and LGT's Position

Memberships and partnerships

The only way to tackle problems such as climate change, social imbalances and political polarization is by working together. We therefore engage in a regular dialog with various stakeholder groups. In addition, we work to promote sustainability by collaborating with various specialist organizations.

Ursula Finsterwald, Head Sustainability LGT Private Banking

"As a bank, we act as an intermediary between investors and companies seeking capital. In this role, we can work to ensure that capital is invested sustainably by providing our clients with the best possible advice and transparently demonstrating the positive or negative impact of their investments."

Ursula Finsterwald, Head Sustainability LGT Private Banking