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How real assets are stored on a blockchain

The technology and the market for digital assets are still in their infancy – but how much potential do digital tokens have?

Tilmann Schaal, LGT
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Tokens can be used to digitalize real assets. In our latest LGT Big Picture video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer LGT Private Banking EMEA, explains the opportunities and pitfalls associated with tokenization – and how this could impact the financial world.

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It is a deeply concerned, but cautiously optimistic, John Elkington who muses about prospects for the planet ahead of this year’s United Nations COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. A pioneer of sustainability, it was in the mid-1990s that Elkington coined the concept of the "triple bottom...
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In order to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), between USD 2 trillion and USD 7 trillion must be invested every year. But while many investors want to use their investments to help address the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges, it can be...
Nobelpreisträger Oliver Hart: «Wir müssen komplett umdenken»
Financial knowledge

Nobel Prize laureate Oliver Hart: “We need to change our thinking all the way”

Are investors really only in it for the money? Are things like climate change, societal harmony and clean air by-the-by, as long as they get their returns? Not at all, claims Harvard economist Oliver Hart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The 74-year-old British...
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