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Financial markets: Investment outlook for 2023

2022 was a difficult year in financial markets.

Tilmann Schaal, LGT
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With year-end approaching, LGT’s investment experts look ahead to 2023 and share their views on how the economy and markets will develop.

Investment strategies for 2023



In this video, Chief Investment Officer Thomas Wille, LGT Private Banking Europe, explores strategies that investors can pursue in response to the challenges that 2023 could bring.

In a video (above), Chief Economist Dr. Wolfgang von Hessling, LGT Private Banking Europe, shares his macroeconomic outlook for 2023. He talks about inflation, the comparatively robust US economy and how Europe’s economy will struggle due to high energy prices. Dr. von Hessling also explains why China will not be able to support global economic development for the time being.

Fixed income: Are things starting to stabilize?



In this video, Dominik Garcia, responsible for the fixed income strategy, LGT Private Banking Europe, explains how fixed income could stabilize for investors as inflation eases. He also talks about the role that government bonds and corporate bonds play in a portfolio and shares his thoughts on how the credit markets will develop in the coming year.

Stock markets: Is it time to invest?



Stock markets have faced a number of challenges in 2022. After some significant corrections, many investors are now asking themselves whether now is the time to start investing again. Georg Ruzicka, Head Equity Research, LGT Private Banking Europe, shares some insights that can help investors identify interesting opportunities in the current environment.

Investment ideas: Topics that will move the markets in 2023



After a year full of challenges, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer, Reto Egli, Head Fund Research, and Georg Ruzicka, Head Equity, all experts at LGT Private Banking Europe Research, see interesting opportunities to create robust portfolios with potential, even in uncertain times. Amongst others, they look at equities and bonds as well as alternative investments.

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LGT’s experts are always busy analyzing global economic and market trends. Our research publications on the international financial markets, sectors and companies will help you make informed investment decisions.

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