Where can I find the securities orders I have entered?

All stock market transactions and their status are listed in "Securities order book" on desktop or in "Orders" on the app.

Querying order details

Click on the order for more information about the order.

Changing or deleting an order

You can edit orders via the order details screen:

  • Tap “Modify” to modify an order. Please note that modifications are only possible in “Placed” status.
  • Tap “Cancel” to delete an order. Please note that deletions are only possible in “Placed” and “Partially executed” status.


  • Pending placement: order has not yet been placed in the market
  • Placed: order has been placed in the market
  • Partially executed: order has been partially executed
  • Executed: order has been fully executed
  • Booked: order has been executed and settled
  • Pending cancellation: order cancellation still pending
  • Discarded : order has been deleted (e.g. deleted by client or expired)

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