Top News | Apr 25, 2014

Microsoft: Successful cloud business

Microsoft (Attractive*) topped market expectations with its quarterly results. Net income was USD 5.7bn, 7% lower than in the previous year, but earnings per share of 68 cents per share exceeded the 63 cents consensus. Sales remained almost unchanged at USD 20.5bn. Particularly, Microsoft’s cloud business was a strong hold (Azure platform +150%). The shares rose about 3% after the market close.

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Monetary change-fact, forecast, fiction?

LGT Investorama: economic conditions, outlook and positioning

In this issue of Investorama, we look at the imminent monetary change and what this will mean for interest rates. Meanwhile, the Investment topic section is devoted to convertible bonds. After all, although these have been around for more than 150 years, they're still relatively unknown among