LGT SmartBanking Pro Online-Help

The online help is divided into the following sections:


First steps

Here you can find the brief instructions and a step-by-step guide through the initial registration process of LGT SmartBanking Pro.


Brief instructions


Instructions to initial registration

Asset and portfolio

Demo videos

How to get an overview of the portfoliobook or a single portfolio, order a statement of assets, monitor your cash balances or create reports on intermediary level.

Portfoliobook overview (multi-client overview)

Portfolio overview (individual client overview)

Ordering a statement of assets

Multiple order of statements

Cash balances monitoring

Reporting on level intermediary

User guides

Moreover, learn here how to display the loan-to-value rate.


Demo videos

How to enter a securities order, a group order or a foreign exchange order.

Entering a securities order

Entering a securities group order

Creating a foreign exchange order

User guides

Moreover, learn here how to request an asset opening, create an order for exchange traded derivatives (ETD) or use our rebalancing functionality.


Demo videos

How to create a general payment order, standing payment order or collective payment order. Moreover, learn here how to process a payment verification with joint signature rights.

General payment order

Standing payment order

Collective payment order

Payment verification with joint signatory rights


User guides

How to adjust the time-out configuration, subscribe to e-mail notifications, change your password and how to export, print or filter.

Do you need assistance?

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