What can I find on the LGT SmartBanking portal?

The LGT SmartBanking portal gives you an overview of portfolios, accounts and the latest updates from LGT.


Depending on the setting, portfolios are shown as a chart (one for each portfolio) or list (several portfolios at a glance).

Chart view

  • Choose between “Total assets” and “Currencies” to see the respective allocation within the portfolio.
  • For more information, move the cursor over the chart or switch between the chart and list view. Click the display to access the portfolio details.
  • Use the menu arrows to navigate between the various portfolios.

List view

  • Click the respective portfolio to access the portfolio details.


This area shows current notifications such as the latest news or new documents.

Select “Settings” and then “Manage notifications” to define the activities for which you will receive notifications.

New payment/New individual order

You can create a new payment or a new individual order directly from the LGT SmartBanking portal with just a few clicks.

Account movements/Trading

In these areas, you can see account entries from previous days as well as pending payments or the latest open trading orders.

Company news/Publications

These areas provide you with the latest news on LGT in general as well as market information.


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