Sustainable employer How we foster sustainability in our company

LGT fosters an attractive and inclusive environment for employees. Why? Because it is only possible for us to enjoy long-term success and think and act responsibly if we have motivated, satisfied employees. Our corporate culture centres on mutual respect and supports personal development.

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Sustainable workplace

Learn more about how we and our employees work together to make a positive contribution to the development of society and our environment. And how our employees are key ambassadors in raising awareness of sustainability beyond LGT.

Sharing knowledge across borders

The education and development of our employees is one of LGT’s key success factors. Our broad offering of internal as well as external training opportunities address both personal and professional development. And the benefits of the knowledge that our employees gain through such training are not just enjoyed by LGT. For example, our employees support organizations and projects around the world by sharing their knowledge.


Paulus Nanguti (at left) and Richard !Khabeb are students from Namibia who completed an internship at LGT in Liechtenstein in 2022, facilitated by B360 Education Partnerships.


Paulus Nanguti completed an internship in LGT’s Accounting department.


Richard !Khabeb put his university knowledge to use in LGT’s IT support center.

Know-how on the road Knowledge transfer across borders

Employees are the key to success – most companies would agree wholeheartedly. We do too. But what does that have to do with sustainability?

A lot, we think. The skills and know-how of our employees is not only valuable for us as a company, but for our communities as well. We believe in contributing to the further development of a healthy society – and we get involved as a company. For example, we allocate at least ten percent of LGT Group dividends to philanthropic activities.

We also encourage, enable, and equip our employees to volunteer for the causes they believe in. Whether it is in their local communities or further afield, we foster their volunteer activities. Supporting sustainability in action, so to speak.

Listen to two employees who put their skills and know-how to the test with a group of young students in Windhoek.

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Know-how on the road

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