LGT Bank Österreich Your family-run private bank in Salzburg and Vienna

LGT Bank Österreich is a leading private bank for high net worth families, foundations and institutional clients from Austria and eastern and central Europe. Our private banking and asset management experts advise and support our clients from all over the world. LGT Bank Österreich has two branches – one in Salzburg and one in Vienna.

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Forward-looking for generations

Our management team

All members of our management team are familiar with the country, the financial center and the high expectations our clients have of a family-run private bank in Austria. They create the perfect conditions for our employees to provide personal advice to all clients and manage their assets using proven and innovative methods. 

Management Team
The management team of LGT Bank Österreich (from left to right): Sergei Driker, Market Head International; Meinhard Platzer, Chief Executive Officer; Birgit Miklas-Sauer, Head Human Resources; Adam Lessing, Head Relationship Management; Wolfgang Eisl, Market Head Domestic; Wolfgang Riedl, Head Relationship Management; Maximilian Hahn, Chief Operating Officer; Walter Schwarz, Head Compliance & Risk

We develop individual solutions for our clients and implement them with a high level of investment expertise.

Meinhard Platzer CEO LGT Bank Österreich
Meinhard Platzer

Milestones in the history of LGT Bank Österreich


First branch office in Austria opens at Kantgasse 1 in Vienna.


Strong growth and expansion from 9 to 30 relationship managers in Austria. 


Branch office in Salzburg opens and market initiative launched in eastern and central Europe. 


At CHF 6.3 billion, client assets under management exceed the CHF 6 billion mark for the first time.


UBS Wealth Management Austria acquired and employees and client portfolios integrated. 

Facts, facts, and more facts Sometimes numbers speak louder than words

Our long-term perspective and risk-conscious approach are major selling points for new clients, especially - but not only - in times of economic and geopolitical turbulence. As an international private bank, we appeal to clients who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to take care of their financial affairs. Our tradition of innovation and access to exclusive investment opportunities also make our service offering interest ing to entrepreneurs and active investors.

(Figures as per 31.12.2023)

  • 5 600+

    Employees worldwide

  • 30+

    Locations worldwide

  • 316.0 bn

    Clients assets under management in CHF

  • 375.3 mn

    Net profit in CHF

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Transparency is important to us. That's why you'll find everything that's important to us on our website. And everything you should know about us before you meet us in person and open an account or apply. For example, about the history of the Princely Family, which is closely linked to our history. 

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