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Latest update: November 4, 2022 

1. General

By accessing the web pages of LGT Bank Österreich (hereinafter "LGT") published on the Internet, you declare that you have understood and that you accept the conditions set out below. If you do not agree with the conditions of use and the legal information, please refrain from accessing the LGT web pages.

2. Access

None of the information on these web pages is intended for persons or companies from countries in which viewing such information entails any form of registration requirement on LGT's part. Furthermore, persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits viewing information on the LGT web pages are not permitted to view said information.

3. Not a recommendation or an offer

None of the information on these web pages in any way constitutes an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell products or services. It is intended solely for information purposes and for use by the recipient. Accordingly, no buy or sell orders submitted via the message window or e-mail will be accepted. Furthermore, none of the information on these web pages constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell investment products or to enter into transactions of any kind. Some content may be advertising material for financial services or for financial instruments. Users are advised to consult a qualified person before making investment decisions or decisions of any other kind.

4. No guarantee that the information is up to date, correct or complete

Market and investment reports on these web pages are drawn up by our employees. The reports are based on information from sources deemed to be reliable. However, we offer no guarantee with regard to the content of these reports, which must not be regarded as complete descriptions or summaries of the securities, markets or trends mentioned therein. Despite our best efforts, this information may nevertheless be out of date or based on incorrect data provided by third parties. Therefore, no liability can be accepted or guarantee given for the information provided being up to date, correct and complete.

5. Investment performance

The value of investments may rise or fall at any time. Positive performance in the past is therefore no guarantee of positive performance in the future. In addition, investments in foreign currencies are subject to currency fluctuations. There is a possibility that investors may not receive back any or all of the amount they invested. Furthermore, potential investors should find out about the possible tax consequences of purchasing, owning and selling investments at their place of residence and, if necessary, obtain advice at their place of residence.

6. Market and stock exchange data

The prices given are indicative and are provided by our Information Service Providers for information purposes only. They are not intended as an offer, solicitation of an offer, or recommendation to buy or sell any investment or other specific product. The information is subject to different delays depending on the stock exchange, but will be delayed by at least 15 minutes. These prices are therefore not binding and do not take, in particular, any additional costs into account.

We cannot provide any assurance or guarantee as to the information being correct, complete and up to date and do not accept any liability for direct or indirect and consequential loss or damage. Investors should be aware that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. Positive performance in the past is therefore no reliable indicator of positive performance in the future.

7. Linked web pages

Users must be aware that LGT has no control whatsoever over third-party web pages linked to or from LGT web pages and therefore accepts no liability for the content of such web pages being correct, complete and legally valid or for the products and services offered on such web pages.
No third party is permitted to link any other web page to an LGT web page without obtaining LGT's express prior written consent.

8. Changes or additions to the information

LGT reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information provided at any time without prior notice.

9. Local legal restrictions

The LGT website is not intended for persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits the publication of or access to the LGT website owing to their nationality or domicile or for any other reason. Persons subject to such restrictions may not access the LGT web pages. Please enquire as to the applicable jurisdiction in your country.

10. Property rights

The content and structure of these web pages are protected by copyright and are the property of LGT, unless expressly stated otherwise. Individual pages and/or sections of the LGT web pages may be stored or printed out, provided neither the copyright information nor any legally protected trademarks are removed. Anyone saving software or other data provided on the LGT website or reproducing it in any other way implicitly agrees to the conditions of use. All intellectual property rights remain with LGT. The LGT web pages may be reproduced in full or in part, in particular the text and images, forwarded electronically or by other means, altered, linked to or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes only with LGT's prior approval.

11. Material interests

LGT and/or its directors, managers and employees may have / may have had holdings or positions in, or traded in or acted as market makers for securities mentioned on the web pages. Furthermore, such legal entities or individuals may have / may have had a relationship with companies mentioned on the web pages, may provide / have provided these companies with corporate finance or other services or may have / may have had a seat on their executive board as members of senior management.

12. Exclusion of liability

LGT expressly accepts no liability for direct or indirect losses or damage or consequential damage arising from use or accessing of the LGT web pages or links to third-party web pages or from viewing information on the web pages.
Furthermore, LGT accepts no liability for any unauthorized manipulation of Internet users' IT systems. LGT expressly draws users' attention to the risk of viruses and the threat of hacker attacks. Using the latest browser version and antivirus software is thus strongly recommended. E-mails from unknown senders should not be opened.

13. Data protection and data transfer security

We expressly draw users' attention to the fact that data that are transferred via public networks such as the Internet or e-mail services can be accessed by anyone. LGT cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages or documents sent via such public networks. Anyone sending personal information (such as senders' and recipients' names and addresses) via a public network should be aware that third parties may be able to view, store and use it without their permission. Third parties may thus be able to deduce existing or prospective accounts and business relationships. Even if the sender and recipient are in the same country, data transferred between them often pass through other countries, including countries that do not offer the same level of data protection as the country in question, without being subject to any controls.
Data may be lost or intercepted by unauthorized third parties during the transfer process. We accept no liability for the security of data transferred via the Internet or for direct or indirect losses. For data protection and security reasons, users are advised to contact LGT via other means of communication.

14. Risk information

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. Past performance cannot necessarily be taken as a guarantee of positive trends in the future. Furthermore, prospective investors should inform themselves of the potential tax implications of purchasing, owning and selling investment products in their place of domicile and, if necessary, seek advice locally.


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