Wealth planning From asset structuring to succession planning

When faced with complex asset and family structures, it makes sense for families to do comprehensive and long-term wealth planning. This is especially important in cases where, for example, certain family members live abroad, assets are partly tied up in the family business or income is derived from several sources in different countries. The offer of our products and services is not available for all investors.

Wealth Planning

International and intergenerational wealth planning

Long-term asset allocation tailored to your needs not only offers a higher rate of return, but also makes it easier to plan ahead while remaining flexible. It also facilitates the transfer of assets. Wealth planning covers areas such as identifying the most suitable legal form for a company and investment options such as individual funds, a foundation or insurance-related solutions.

Change of domicile to another country

If you or a family member change your place of residence to another country, this generally results in changes to that person’s legal and tax situation. We can help you align your assets with a new legal framework and put you in touch with excellent external specialists to help you deal with other matters relating to this change.

Get a head start on a succession plan for your wealth

The more complex your circumstances, the earlier you should start making arrangements for passing on your wealth. Things can get complicated very quickly when family assets are located in different countries, subject to different conditions, or when individual family members have divergent needs, values and goals.

An international network of experts

For certain specific areas of wealth planning, our experts work together with an experienced network of international specialists. While we take tax and legal circumstances into account, we do not provide specific advice in these areas.

Are you looking to organize your family’s international and cross-generational assets?

We take a systematic approach to transferring wealth that considers all aspects and involves all stakeholders.

Elke Willi Head of Wealth Planning LGT Bank Österreich
Elke Willi

Asset structuring and foundation services

In the long term, an asset structure tailored to personal needs not only provides an advantage in terms of returns but also planning security. The Wealth Planning team supports our clients in finding the most suitable asset structure for their needs. In addition to strategic and tactical investment decisions, the decision-making process also includes issues such as succession and relocation considerations. In particular, the focus is on considerations regarding suitable corporate or investment structures such as individual fund or foundation concepts. We provide initial information on various foundation solutions, both charitable and non-profit foundations, and explain the advantages and disadvantages. On request, we accompany our clients from the founding idea to concrete implementation in cooperation with our well-known network partners. In addition, we assist in the analysis of existing foundation documents with regard to necessary and appropriate adjustments. We would be happy to put you in touch with lawyers and/or tax advisors from our network of experts who are particularly specialized in foundation issues.

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