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LGT Bank receives top marks from FUCHS | RICHTER and Elite Report

LGT Bank once again achieved an excellent result in this year’s FUCHS | RICHTER assessment. The bank’s strong performance across all categories earned it a “very good” designation, and it was once again selected as the number one bank in Liechtenstein. In the quality test conducted by Handelsblatt Elite Report, LGT Bank was ranked “summa cum laude” and retained its spot among the top ten best wealth managers in German-speaking countries.

Hans-Kaspar von Schönfels, Chefredakteur Handelsblatt Elite Report, Roland Schubert, Verwaltungsrat LGT Bank, Steffen Schwesig, Bereichsleiter Deutschland/Österreich der LGT Bank, Brigitta Pallauf, Präsidentin des Salzburger Landtages, Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, Senior Editor Handelsblatt (von links)

Who is an expert on megatrends? Which private banks have the ability to think long term and look beyond just the next two years? And how good are the investment proposals they develop on that basis? These were some of the key questions in this year’s TOPS 2023 private banking review conducted by FUCHS | RICHTER, a highly regarded company that specializes in reviewing private banks. In order to get answers to these questions, FUCHS | RICHTER reviewed 79 providers in German-speaking countries in a number clearly defined categories. The awards ceremony took place on Monday at the Private Banking Summit in Stuttgart.

LGT was one of only seven institutions to receive “very good” designations from FUCHS | RICHTER. The bank performed exceptionally well in the areas of transparency, advisory services, investment proposals and investment expertise. LGT received 81.3 out of 100 points, and placed sixth of 79 banks and wealth managers from Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. It was also once again designated the best bank in Liechtenstein. The private bank secured fourth place in the “perpetual best list”, which tracks the performance of wealth managers in German-speaking countries over many years. In its assessment, FUCHS | RICHTER wrote, “LGT’s growth has been impressive ever since it was founded. And if you look at how it has ranked in recent years, it is clear that they also know how to deliver: they continuously get very good results!”

 One of the top ten asset managers

LGT received another prestigious accolade on Monday, in Vienna. In an annual ranking conducted by the editors of the Han-delsblatt Elite Report, the bank once again secured a spot among the top ten elite wealth managers in German-speaking coun-tries. LGT has ranked among the best wealth managers for around twenty years. This year, it retained its “summa cum laude” designation, which is the highest-possible rating. Like FUCHS | RICHTER, the Elite Report also selected LGT as the best bank in Liechtenstein.

 The editors of the Handelsblatt Elite Report were particularly impressed by the consistently high-quality service that LGT offers its clients. They specifically praised the bank’s approach to financial and succession planning, as well as its analysis and planning for cross-border changes of domicile. In its assessment, the jury wrote, “The fact that LGT has experts located in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria enables it to structure all services relating to family assets in a way that is tailored to the situation and optimized in line with the specific requirements of the country in question. You would be hard-pressed to find that much expert knowledge under one roof anywhere else.” The jury went on to say that the bank has the expertise and experience as well as the emotional intelligence to support high-net-worth clients in all areas of wealth management – something that is in especially high demand in times of volatile financial markets. 

This year, the editors of the Handelsblatt Elite Report assessed 366 wealth managers in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. They were evaluated in a multi-stage process that took a large number of parameters into account. Only 53 institutions made it to the final round and received a “recommended” rating.

 Roland Matt, CEO of LGT Bank, is very pleased with these results. “In addition to regularly and critically reviewing our own services, we think it is also very important to receive impartial feedback from independent reviewers. This helps us to improve continuously. Our aim is to offer our clients innovative and attractive products and services, and to provide them with high-quality, individual advice. So we are, of course, delighted that these highly regarded reviewers have found that our advice and investment solutions meet the highest standards.”

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