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Markets start week mixed on rekindled bank fears

Equity markets started the week mixed after worries surrounding the stability of the financial sector were evident on trading floors on Friday again. Both US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s support for deposit protection and European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde’s reassurance...

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SNB and BoE follow other central banks with hikes

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Bank of England (BoE) both forged ahead with rate hikes on Thursday, despite signs of financial sector instability emerging around the world. The moves - 50 basis points in Switzerland and 25 basis points in the UK - echo hikes by the European Central Bank last...
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Fed continues inflation fight with moderate hike

The Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 25 basis points in an effort to balance its fight against inflation with the need for stability in the financial sector. The move, which increases the federal funds target range to 4.75-5.00%, was largely in line with investor expectations. While...
Dual Mandate
The Strategist

Dual challenge

Given the turmoil in the banking sector, central banks seem to be confronted with a dual mandate. While the fight against inflation remains the primary goal, the rate hike cycle is starting to show signs of fracturing. Therefore, the risk of an escalation of the banking crisis could play a...


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Thematic investing: Healthy lifestyle in your portfolio

The healthcare sector is in the midst of fundamental change. What opportunities does this present for investors?

Financial knowledge

Stagflation, then and now

The strained global economic environment is giving rise to talk of stagflation – but what is stagflation, exactly?
Financial knowledge

What happens when a company is kicked out of a stock index?

It recently happened to Tesla, and Lufthansa experienced it during the Coronavirus crisis: both were removed from a stock index. Does such a removal impact just a company’s image or does it also have financial repercussions?
Gold was a long-term investment trend in the 70ies.
Financial markets

Gold: the investment trend of the wild 1970s

Private individuals were prohibited from owning gold in the US for decades. This was followed by a wild bull market for precious metals with a sudden end.

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