LGT Bank Schweiz

LGT is a "Great Place to Work"

LGT Bank in Liechtenstein and Switzerland were designated a Great Place to Work by the renowned institute of the same name. This places it among the top employers in both countries.

Great Place To Work Zertifikat

The international consulting and research institute Great Place to Work has certified LGT in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and further locations as employer. The certification was granted based on a survey of all LGT employees conducted in the early summer of 2020. 91 percent of employees in Liechtenstein and Switzerland participated, which is an above-average response rate. The employees give their job at LGT outstanding marks in numerous areas: their assessment of the welcoming culture at LGT is particularly good compared to other employers, and they rate management very positively, especially for their honest and ethical actions. Employees also feel they are treated very fairly, regardless of their origin. 95 percent of employees are proud to work at LGT and 94 percent agree that LGT is a "Great Place to Work".

In addition to the excellent survey results, LGT also impressed the Great Place to Work Institute with the measures it implements to ensure an optimal workplace culture. LGT informs its employees transparently, integrates new employees very quickly and creates a creative working environment. Great Place to Work certified LGT in Liechtenstein and Switzerland based on the very good survey results and the excellent workplace culture initiatives, making it one of the top employers in both countries.

LGT places importance on values

"We are very pleased that LGT Bank Switzerland is receiving the Great Place to Work certification already for the second time. As an employer, getting an external assessment of LGT is an important way of determining where we can further improve. At the same time, the results show that we can keep pace with the best employers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I am very proud of this fact, and it confirms my personal view of our workplace culture," says Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland. Roland Schubert, CEO LGT Bank in Liechtenstein, which underwent the Great Place to Work certification process for the first time, is also pleased about receiving the accolade: "This designation shows that we have the right conditions in place and offer our employees an ideal working environment that enables not only the company to continue to develop, but also the employees. Our workplace culture is characterized by respect, continuity and an entrepreneurial approach – values that LGT places importance on and that we will continue to foster in the future."

The international consulting and research institute Great Place to Work has been assessing the workplace culture of companies since 1992 and surveys 300 to 400 employers in Switzerland and Austria every year. According to Great Place to Work, the most important criterion for a good workplace culture is above all trust. Further information can be found at: www.gptw.com

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