Declaration of consent

LGT Private Banking and its branches need the aforementioned personal data in order to process your inquiry in accordance with your wishes. The data is transmitted to the competent domestic or foreign branches and their locations where it is stored, processed and used. The data is transferred via LGT Financial Services Ltd. (in Liechtenstein) where it is stored for the purposes of security before being forwarded to the competent branches. Your data is treated in confidence and is not forwarded to third parties outside LGT Private Banking and its branches.

By sending us the requested information you agree to this treatment of your data. You can revoke this declaration of consent at any time by sending an e-mail to LGT Private Banking at

Please take note of the relevant legal information.

You acknowledge that LGT will only communicate with you by email to provide you requested support regarding any e-banking application/functionality. Regarding any email communication LGT cannot guarantee that data transferred over the Internet will be treated confidentially and you must be aware of the fact that third parties are able to access and misuse any data/information. Additionally, third parties could draw conclusions about existing business and/or banking relationships. In this regard you note that in some circumstances it may be impossible to guarantee compliance with applicable banking and data secrecy and LGT cannot accept responsibility for the security of your data during transfer over the Internet and rejects all liability for direct and indirect damage.