Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

The OECD agreed to introduce the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) in an effort to create international transparency surrounding relevant account information. Switzerland has laid the necessary legal foundations with the Federal Act of December 18, 2015, on the International Automatic Exchange of Information on Tax Matters (AEIA) (SR 653.1) and the Ordinance of November 23, 2016, on the Automatic International Exchange of Information on Tax Matters (AEIO) (SR 653.11).

The standard makes provision for the mutual exchange of information on financial accounts between states that have agreed to AEOI. Aside from Switzerland, over 100 states, including all major financial centers, have declared their intention to adopt the standard.

Switzerland has been collecting data since January 1, 2017, and will exchange it for the first time in 2018.

The current list of all partner states with which Switzerland has signed an AEOI agreement is published on the website of the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters: list of all partner states

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