Portfolio management You set the course, we make the investments

If you do not want to manage your assets yourself, you can delegate this task to us with a portfolio management mandate. Our investment experts will devise, monitor and manage your portfolio according to the strategy you choose. This relieves you of having to manage your assets while enabling you to benefit from our full range of investment expertise.

Portfolio Management

Individual portfolio management Implementing your investment strategy consistently

We want to get to know you better so we can find the right investment solution for you. This includes understanding what is important to you, what you want to achieve with your assets and what risks you are willing to take. We then use this information as we work with you to develop a long-term investment strategy that is tailored to your specific situation, your risk and sustainability profile, and your financial goals.

Want to invest your assets long term, but lack the time to do so? We would be happy to advise you.

Sustainable portfolio management

Do you want your wealth to be managed as professionally as possible, while also contributing to the well-being of the environment and society? If so, we offer a wide range of sustainable portfolio management solutions. In addition to analyzing financial and fundamental data when selecting these investment instruments, we also take environmental and social factors into account. How these factors are prioritized depends on your personal sustainability preferences:

  • Traditional: Sustainability has a subordinate role for you. Your investment decisions are mainly driven by financial criteria.  
  • Basic: In addition to financial criteria, you also include a sustainability standard in your investment decisions. Investments with a low sustainability quality are excluded from your portfolio. 
  • Enhanced: You consider high sustainability standards when selecting instruments. Your portfolio investments support sustainable development. 
  • Enhanced Plus: Your sustainability standards for your investments are very high. Your portfolio has a strong bias towards investments that make a positive contribution to society and the environment. 

Our experts use the following instruments to make your assets more sustainable:

  • Exclusions: Assets that have a negative impact, such as thermal coal or controversial arms and weapons, are excluded when building the portfolio. 
  • ESG integration: Investments that only have one star in the LGT Sustainability Rating are excluded. The rating evaluates the sustainability of companies, countries, supranational organizations and asset classes such as shares, bonds, funds and ETFs. 
  • Thematic focus: Your personal sustainability goals (e.g. relating to certain topics such as the circular economy) are taken into account when building the portfolio. 
  • Commitment: By engaging in an active dialogue with the companies we invest in on behalf of our clients, our sustainability experts seek to encourage positive change through greater sustainability.

Depending on the domicile of the client or entity of LGT the offering of cross-border financial services and products may be subject to legal restrictions. 

Portfolio management at a glance

Our ten portfolio mandate solutions give you access to LGT's entire range of investment expertise. You can choose from a wide range of portfolio strategies and investment styles based on your individual needs, risk profile and sustainability preferences. You can find the sustainability-related disclosures for our products here.

Focus Sustainability

Only investments with a strong sustainability performance are selected. This solution aims to generate attractive returns while making a positive contribution to the environment and society.


The Classic mandate is an actively managed strategy that is broadly diversified in terms of investments and global reach. A best-in-class approach is applied, resulting in the selection of the most promising investments.

PM Fund

The Classic mandate and now also the Focus Sustainability mandate are implemented in the form of an investment fund, thus ensuring daily liquidity.

Swiss Domestic

The Domestic Switzerland Mandate allows you to invest heavily in the stable Swiss domestic market. Nevertheless, your assets are diversified worldwide, because we invest the equity portion mainly directly in globally active Swiss companies (blue chips). In the case of bonds, we focus on qualitatively sound securities issued in Swiss francs.  

High Conviction

This mandate is a dynamic multi-asset class investment solution. It relies on a combination of proven fund selection expertise and high-conviction active investments.

Focus Growth

This solution focuses on growth stocks, and clients can choose between a global, North American or EU portfolio of 30 to 60 attractive individual stocks.

Focus High Dividend

This portfolio aims to deliver an above-average dividend yield. Clients can choose from a global or EU-based portfolio containing up to 60 individual stocks of quality companies that have robust business models and offer attractive and sustainable dividend yields.

Focus Global Quality Leaders

This portfolio focuses on quality companies with a leading market position and a long and convincing track record. The globally oriented portfolio focuses exclusively on direct investments.

Enhanced Yield

This customized asset management solution is suitable for investors seeking to generate attractive returns by investing in a broadly diversified bond portfolio with a focus on the credit segment and emerging markets.

Private Markets

This asset management solution focuses on private market assets, such as private debt, private equity, real estate and infrastructure assets.

Portfolio management or investment advisory?

How much time are you willing or able to spend on your portfolio? How well acquainted are you with international financial markets and how hands-on do you want to be with your investments? How you answer these questions will determine whether our portfolio management or investment advisory services could be the right choice for you.

Portfolio management

  • You define your investment strategy with your relationship manager
  • We invest your assets according to your instructions
  • We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and provide transparent reporting
  • Your involvement with your portfolio and investments is minimal

Investment advisory

  • You define your investment strategy with your advisor
  • We recommend carefully selected investments that are in line with your strategy. You make the final decision and place the orders
  • We monitor your portfolio regularly and provide transparent reporting
  • You are actively involved in managing your portfolio

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