Wealth reporting A comprehensive overview of your assets

The more extensive and complex your financial situation, the harder it is to keep track of all your assets and how they are performing – especially if the assets are highly fragmented. Our wealth reporting product, the LGT Wealth Portrait, provides a consolidated, easy-to-understand overview of all your bank holdings and physical assets, no matter who manages them.

Wealth reporting brings transparency and the big picture

Consolidated wealth reporting A clear overview of all your assets

The LGT Wealth Portrait gives you a rundown of all your assets in one report. It provides a transparent overview of your entire portfolio, keeps you up to date and saves you time. You can trust us with your data. Just like you trust us with your assets. For optimum security, your data is stored in a password-protected and encrypted digital safe on a secure LGT server in Switzerland. So what else does our wealth reporting offer you?

Greater transparency

The LGT Wealth Portrait gives you a quick and complete overview of all your assets and liabilities, and is updated regularly. In addition to giving you a transparent rundown of your performance, our wealth reporting also provides information on the risks associated with your portfolio and how these have changed.

Make better investment and financing decisions

Our wealth reporting enables you to keep an eye on whether your assets and risks are evolving as envisaged in your investment strategy. If not, you can adjust the asset allocation or optimize your strategy accordingly. The reliable and detailed information provided by the LGT Wealth Portrait helps you make more informed decisions for better results.

Do you want to know how all your assets are performing – no matter where they are?

Complex asset structures can make it difficult to keep track of how your assets are performing. The LGT Wealth Portrait covers all your assets and liabilities in an easy-to-understand report.

Riccardo Petrachi Head UHNWI EMEA, LGT Private Banking
Riccardo Petrachi

Explore other LGT services Reap the benefits of our extensive experience in managing large fortunes

Our LGT Wealth Portrait helps you keep track of your assets and make well-informed financial decisions. An overview like this is indispensable, especially when dealing with large fortunes and complex circumstances – we know this from experience. We understand the many challenges facing wealthy families, and can provide you with targeted support.

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