NPO Desk: Helping good ideas grow Sustainable investment of endowments

LGT Bank Switzerland has been supporting charitable foundations and other non-profit organisations (NPOs) in managing their assets for decades. Foundations in Switzerland make an important contribution to the common good – be it in the social sector, in art and culture or in nature and animal conservation. The experts at LGT's NPO Desk ensure that our investment expertise is put to good use for the foundations and organisations we serve, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities.


Assets invested safely and sustainably

LGT has a broad product portfolio allowing for sustainable investments and long-term value preservation. Our experts ensure that the portfolio is invested responsibly and with the aim of generating attractive returns.

Expertise & partnership

  • Many years of experience in the Swiss NPO landscape
  • Knowledge sharing: Networking events for the NPO community
  • NPO Desk: Partnership-based cooperation at eye level

Banking made easy

  • Our services help to reduce administrative tasks
  • Traditional services

Sustainable success

  • Owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein for generations
  • High transparency: regular reports on sustainability goals, measures and results

Your contacts in wealth matters Ihre Ansprechpartner in Vermögensfragen

Our team has decades of experience in asset management for charitable foundations and organisations. Our clients also benefit from our extensive network, as we are committed to professional exchange with and between our partner foundations and organisations.

We look forward to welcoming you to our network. 

Foundations and NPOs make an important contribution to our society. LGT's NPO Desk supports them with first-class banking services so that they can concentrate fully on their mission.

Rocco M. Baldinger Team Head NPO Desk
Rocco M. Baldinger

Contact the NPO Desk experts

Our experts will be happy to advise you on wealth issues relating to your charitable foundation or non-profit organisation.

Why we are a good partner for wealth management

There are good reasons why charitable foundations and other non-profit organisations have placed their trust in LGT for decades.

Long-term perspective

Our company stands for stability and security because our owner does not think in quarters, but invests for the long term.

Generations of entrepreneurs

The Princely Family of Liechtenstein has been the sole owner of LGT for more than ninety years. Its entrepreneurial heritage, however, goes back...

Sustainable success

As a company, we pursue our sustainability goals out of conviction. They are part of our DNA.

Our investment solutions

We can help you invest your foundation's assets in a way that supports your goals and ambitions.

Philanthropy Advisory Advice and expertise for your philanthropic activities

LGT has extensive expertise in the development and implementation of philanthropic strategies. Through our philanthropy network, philanthropists also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other with like-minded people and experts.

Advisory for clients who want to do something good with their wealth

Philanthropy advice: Doing good the right way

Let our experts help you

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