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LGT obtains global Great Place to Work certification

LGT has once again obtained Great Place to Work certification for all markets in which it operates worldwide. This internationally recognised seal of quality attests to LGT’s excellent workplace culture, which is characterised by trust, pride, fairness and camaraderie.


LGT has been certified by the international consulting and research institute Great Place to Work as an excellent employer. The certification was granted following an anonymous survey of all of LGT employees worldwide conducted in September 2023. The survey questions covered five dimensions considered key for a trusting and high-performance culture: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Over 78 per cent of employees took part in the survey. LGT last conducted a global Great Place to Work survey in 2020, and was subsequently certified.

An exceptionally welcoming culture and collegial environment

According to the anonymous survey, 90 per cent of all participants feel that LGT is a Great Place to Work. By way of comparison, in 2022, the average for the "Best Companies to Work For" in the global financial services and insurance industry was 88 per cent. What employees find especially positive are LGT’s welcoming culture and collegial environment. They appreciate the opportunity to assume responsibility and rate management very positively for their honest, competent and ethical conduct. They feel they are treated fairly, regardless of their background or sexual orientation. Irrespective of their seniority, 92 per cent of employees feel they are a valued member of the company, and 94 per cent are proud to work at LGT.

In addition to the survey, the certification process involves a Culture Audit. As part of this audit, companies provide concrete examples of how they live their workplace culture and what kind of internal processes, systems and policies are in place to support this shared culture. The results of both the survey and the Culture Audit must satisfy the institute’s standards in order for a company to be certified as a Great Place to Work.

An important yardstick

"LGT has grown substantially in recent years, which makes it all the more gratifying that we have succeeded in further developing and cultivating our shared culture. The survey shows that employee satisfaction has remained consistently high over the past three years, and that our core values such as appreciation, respect and acting responsibly are being embodied around the world", says Olivier de Perregaux, CEO LGT Private Banking. "This kind of external assessment of our workplace culture is an important yardstick. In addition to showing us what we’re doing right, it helps us identify areas we need to work on. Armed with that information, we can now tackle those areas together with our employees – also to ensure they remain proud of being part of LGT in the future."

The international consulting and research institute Great Place to Work has been collecting and analysing data to assess organisational workplace culture for over 30 years. Each year, the institute works with over 10 000 companies around the world and surveys around 10 million employees in 60 countries.

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