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I nostri esperti monitorano e analizzano costantemente settori, mercati e società. Le analisi fondate e le valutazioni di mercato elaborate offrono una solida base per decisioni di investimento ponderate. Non perdetevi le nostre periodiche informazioni di mercato per restare sempre aggiornati.  

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US labour market report in focus

Today, the focus is once again on the latest data from the US labour market. The latest monthly report from private labour market service provider ADP points to a slowdown in employment growth. The development of the jobs market plays a decisive role in determining the future monetary policy of...

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US labour market shows more weakness

A slower pace of hiring in the US became the next piece of the labour market puzzle that is clearly showing cracks. Wall Street finished in the red on Wednesday and Asian stock indices were also down. Yields on US government debt were initially under pressure but bounced back Thursday morning.
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US open jobs plummet, strengthening peak rates narrative

The number of positions available in the US labour market dropped rapidly in October to the lowest level since early 2021. That caused traders to speculate that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will leave interest rates unchanged at its final policy meeting next week and possibly even begin cutting...
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Asian stocks follow Wall Street down

Both US and Asian stocks fell as investors questioned the validity of the narrative dominating sentiment in recent weeks - that the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank have ended their interest rate hiking cycles. Gold fell quickly from a new all-time high to start the new week but...


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Beyond the Magnificent Seven

The software and semiconductor industries offer numerous opportunities for diversification of your technology and digital stocks beyond the Magnificent Seven.

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Private credit offers variety and diversification for fixed-income investors

Stock and bond market volatility, along with inflation, pose a dilemma for investors: where to turn for solid long-term returns and more stability?
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Charged with climate change

Science can now simulate what the climate would look like without human influence. This has far-reaching legal consequences: US states and companies are already being accused of climate disasters - and convicted.
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Do you need to prepare for stagflation?

It doesn't take a psychic to recognize the signs. With global growth slumping and inflation stubbornly high, two of stagflation's key conditions look perilously close to being met.

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