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Do you want to make a positive contribution to society and the environment? At LGT Philanthropy Advisory we partner with clients at any stage of their philanthropic journey. Together with you, we address the fundamental questions to help realize your philanthropic aspirations and increase your positive impact in the world. And we offer you holistic support, ranging from tailored advisory to education and implementation services, every step of the way. In addition, you can benefit from the expert advice and experience of our dedicated team and engage with peer philanthropists and experts through our network.

Advisory for clients who want to do something good with their wealth

Philanthropy Advisory

Make a positive contribution

Philanthropy advisory An enduring commitment to the greater good

Our philanthropy advisory offering is inspired by the philanthropic giving of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and the LGT Guide to Strategic Philanthropy. We advise, support and connect wealthy individuals and families who want to make our planet a better place for all.


Our advice is geared to both seasoned philanthropists and to new clients who are eager to put their assets to work for the benefit of society and the environment. We explore what is most important to you and then develop an effective strategy for your future giving. We explain the levers you can use to maximize your impact.


We share our knowledge and give clients the insights and pointers they need to take their philanthropy to the next level. This can include holding exclusive events or arranging visits to projects. We also have a worldwide network of philanthropists, which helps like-minded individuals share and learn from each other’s experiences.


We support you from the drawing board right through to implementation. The services we provide range from evaluating specific solutions for structuring your donations to selecting the best. We can also put you in touch with experts at LGT and beyond. Certain co-financing opportunities also exist with LGT Venture Philanthropy for a number of exciting projects.

As a family, we have been fortunate to partner with other philanthropists and to have a dedicated team of experts to help us along the way.

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein Chairman LGT 
H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein

Do you want to put some of your wealth to good use and make the world a better place? We would be happy to advise you.

LGT Guide to Strategic Philanthropy Doing good, well

The LGT Guide to Strategic Philanthropy, which we wrote in conjunction with Philanthropy Insight, is one of the cornerstones of philanthropy advisory at LGT. It draws on the experience of philanthropic leaders and families, and on the collaboration between nonprofits, social enterprises, communities, multilateral organizations and governments from 70 countries. Our guide will support you on your philanthropic journey - whether you are just starting out, are involving new family members or are looking for ways to have an even bigger impact. It also contains a wealth of personal insights and experiences shared by 30 leading philanthropists from around the world. 

In conversation with...

In philanthropy, working with and learning from the experiences of other philanthropists is key to bringing about real change.

André Hoffmann

André Hoffmann: Biodiversity: Philanthropy as a catalyst for innovatio

André Hoffmann wants to continue his father’s legacy and conserve biodiversity. But to succeed in this mission, he needs to remain open-minded and innovative.

Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Tsitsi Masiyiwa: Philanthropy grounded in experience and deep faith

Tsitsi Masiyiwa’s story shows how a simple desire to help can evolve into a strategic approach to philanthropy.

Nataly Davidai Hadar

Nataly Davidai: Philanthropy as an intergenerational family mission

Good deeds and voluntary service have been integral to Nataly Davidai’s family legacy for generations. Over time, the bond created by this philanthropic commitment has grown stronger and inspired the family to ever-greater action.

Teresa Bracher

Teresa Bracher: Please do your homework!

Teresa Bracher and her family did plenty of homework before embarking on their collaborative philanthropic program in the Pantanal region of Brazil. Researchers had stressed the importance of involving the local community in her activities, and following this advice paid off in many ways.

Nicole Rycroft

Nicole Rycroft: Change the systems that are at the root of global deforestation

A significant turning point in her life prompted Nicole Rycroft to develop a new vision for her philanthropic endeavors. Today, she supports corporate decision-makers in developing climate and conservation solutions.

Benjamin Firmenich

Benjamin Firmenich: Good investments for good causes

Benjamin Firmenich’s approach to impact investing focuses on direct lending to small and mid-sized businesses. He has gradually perfected this approach over the past decade as he works to not only generate a return on his investment, but also have an impact on society.

Antonis Schwarz

Antonis Schwarz: A unique approach to making an impact

When it comes to giving, Antonis Schwarz puts his money where his mouth is.

Laurent Leksell

Laurent Leksell: Social impact bonds: Bringing innovation to the welfare state

Laurent Leksell, founder and majority shareholder of Swedish medical technology company Elekta, also founded the social impact investment firm Leksell Social Ventures. It focuses on market-based opportunities for change and social impact bonds.

Elie Horn

Elie Horn: “Do good! It’s that simple!”

Philanthropy runs in the blood of Elie Horn’s family. Despite his success in business, he has remained modest, taking the view that, “Money is best invested in people less fortunate than yourself.”

Frederik Paulsen

Frederik Paulsen: Bringing together adventure and philanthropy

Swedish entrepreneur and explorer Frederik Paulsen is deeply perturbed by the effects of climate change. He is now devoting his many expeditions to gaining a better scientific understanding of the underlying problems and searching for possible solutions.

Emine Sabaci Kamisli

Emine Sabanci Kamisli: New models for youth employment in Turkey

An entrepreneurial approach combined with a passion for the issue is how Emine Sabanci Kamisli is tackling one of Turkey’s most pressing social problems.

Johan H. Andresen

Johan H. Andresen: Investing and giving – an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy

You do not have to set up a foundation to be a strategic philanthropist. In fact, putting these principles into practice in your own business can often be just as effective – just ask Johan H. Andresen, the owner of Ferd, one of Norway’s largest privately held investment firms.

Explore other LGT services Reap the benefits of our many years of experience in managing large fortunes

With our philanthropy advisory services, we help you optimize the way you support the environment and society. The better-positioned your assets, the easier this is. We understand the challenges that high-net-worth families face in managing and passing on their wealth, and we can develop targeted solutions to meet your specific needs.

Consolidated wealth reporting

Maintaining an overview – even if your asset structures are large and complex.

Family governance

Passing on wealth and values – with shared principles and approaches.

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